The good fairy dust fund

The Good Fairy Dust Fund appreciates any donation to help us spread Good Fairy Dust!  We have several new programs coming on line.  Some will help child hunger programs (we already donate to No Child Hungry and area programs), and some will help animal rescue programs (we provide food or funds for food/medical care).  And some just serve a need of the moment, where we help a worthy organization.  One project we are particularly excited about is our book.  GFD is producing a children's book, geared toward 2-6 years old, which will be a tool for teaching compassion at a young age.  This book will be distributed free to parents and early childhood programs as soon as it is completed. Stay tuned here to learn how you can sprinkle Good Fairy Dust.

The Good Fairy Dust Fund ins a federal 501(c)3, all volunteer non profit organization,  Every cent raised goes to our causes; we never take salaries.  All federal tax exemptions apply.

The Adams family of Frisco, TX not only helped make the stacks of sandwiches lined up behind them, but helped distribute them as well - a GREAT thing to do as a family!



Here are some quick and easy ways to spread your own Good Fairy Dust!:

Do a 'walk' or other organized non profit activity with your child or grandchild.  Spending time with little ones is the best way to teach compassion, sharing and caring!

It's the holiday season; find an organization where you can volunteer to prepare or serve food - or at the very least donate to some of the programs who do feed the hungry.  In this country, no one should be hungry, but sadly people are.  If you don't have a full tummy, it's hard to focus on things like education, jobs, and more.  Helping feed someone doesn't just feed their body, it feeds their soul and mind as well.

Take your child or grandchild to donate their older loved toys and clothes to good organizations.  This teaches sharing, and it teaches them not to waste.  Someone else can always use good items.

Do a project with your child or grandchild.  It can be in the home our outside the home, but just spend time together.  And be happy while you are doing it.

Volunteer to walk the dogs at the local shelter, or have a small pet food drive at your work or school, or other organization.  Then find a good but underfunded animal rescue to donate it to.

These are just a few simple ideas.  Over time this site will share others stories of how they spread Good Fairy Dust; perhaps some of them will resonate with you!