The good fairy dust fund

We are average folks who look for opportunities to do good deeds.  The Good Fairy Dust Fund was born, like many things, from good conversation in a joyful moment.  Like many people we were having fun and discussing all the things we would do 'when we won the lottery'.  Jenny, one of our members, said "We need to hurry and win it, so we can fly around the world spreading good fairy dust"....and the idea was born.  We quickly realized that if we waited for the lottery, it might take a while, so we decided to go ahead and form the Good Fairy Dust Fund anyway, and right away.  We realized we didn't have to wait to do good deeds, or to help others.  With years of non profit administration and business under our belts, we went to work. Now we want to help you spread your good fairy dust as well!

Some things we do:

Collect food donations for animal rescue and shelters, as well as other supplies.

Raise funds for child hunger programs.

Suggest ways others can spread good fairy dust.

Teach compassion, diversity, and generosity.

Random acts of kindness....

                                      Do good deeds.

                                                                And a whole lot more.....